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Peter Liashkov


Peter Liashkov has maintained an art practice since the 1980s. His work has been deeply rooted in the human figure; working two dimensionally in mixed media techniques on unusual grounds like synskin, fiberglass mesh and other translucent materials. Currently, his primary interest is reflecting on the ever-changing richness of Los Angeles since his immigration here 65 years ago. he is Professor Emeritus from Art Center College of Design, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East. Since retiring from teaching he has done residencies in Russia, Norway, Argentina, and the U.S.

Artist Peter Liashkov talks about his artwork donated to Pierce College

Artwork by Peter Liashkov Presented in the Videos


Lorraine Heitzman






11:11 A Creative Collective Interview

Pierce College Art Gallery Director Constance Kocs joins 11:11 A Creative Collective in conversation.

Addy Gonzalez Renteria, Erin Stone and Miles Lewis share their experiences as artists, curators, administrators and educators. They discuss opportunities and career choices for students in the arts; community arts and civic engagement; inclusivity and the shifting social lens; and the role of the artist in times of crisis.

2020 Vision


Beginning with the coronavirus and the transfer of all classes to a remote learning format, progressing through the upheaval of the quiet solemnity of quarantine with civil demonstrations after the death of George Floyd and the outrage of citizens who could no longer stay home, we find ourselves in unprecedented times. As artists, our students have continued to make work, both within and outside of class that reflects individual visions of the isolation, the chaos, the hope.


While the Pierce College Art Gallery is physically closed, the Department of Art + Architecture highlights the immediacy of the moment by showcasing student work done during 2020, at the height of shared anxiety and anticipation yet reflective of wide-ranging personal interpretations, observations and creative approaches indicative of our diverse student body.


Students submitted their work virtually and the exhibition exists virtually, in noncurated form, as a reflection of the moment.

(Top Left) Follow This Line, Installation view of  Siah Armajani,  2019. Photo: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

(Top Right) Photo from UNEARTHED series 2017-2019  Photo: 

(Bottom Left) Party on the Caps , Installation view of Meriem Bennani . Image: Ben Davis

(Bottom Right) The Grotto , 2017- 2018, Polymer gypsum, fiberglass, steel, plaster, pigment, Photo: Object Studies 



“MAKING IT IN AMERICA” refers to the concept of becoming successful as an immigrant, a foreigner, an entrepreneur. At the same time, as artists, these particular transplants are actual “makers,” creating highly individual work which is also undeniably steeped in the significance of heritage, history, culture.  

This “Archive Project” is a virtual exhibition comprised of links to visuals, video and information already in the public sphere, selected to form a thematic context for these four artists whose work covers the expanse of architecture, sculpture, textiles, digital media, installation, film/video, painting, printmaking, collage and mixed media. Housed on the Pierce College Art Department Gallery site, the exhibition is accessible to faculty to enhance course curriculum and to students to follow their own paths of curiosity. 

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