(Top Left) Follow This Line, Installation view of  Siah Armajani,  2019. Photo: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

(Top Right) Photo from UNEARTHED series 2017-2019  Photo: http://www.lalehkhorramian.com/paintings 

(Bottom Left) Party on the Caps , Installation view of Meriem Bennani . Image: Ben Davis

(Bottom Right) The Grotto , 2017- 2018, Polymer gypsum, fiberglass, steel, plaster, pigment, Photo: Object Studies 



“MAKING IT IN AMERICA” refers to the concept of becoming successful as an immigrant, a foreigner, an entrepreneur. At the same time, as artists, these particular transplants are actual “makers,” creating highly individual work which is also undeniably steeped in the significance of heritage, history, culture.  

This “Archive Project” is a virtual exhibition comprised of links to visuals, video and information already in the public sphere, selected to form a thematic context for these four artists whose work covers the expanse of architecture, sculpture, textiles, digital media, installation, film/video, painting, printmaking, collage and mixed media. Housed on the Pierce College Art Department Gallery site, the exhibition is accessible to faculty to enhance course curriculum and to students to follow their own paths of curiosity. 

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