us and those around us


Devon Tsuno and Greg Rose both work with visual themes of nature and landscape yet behind what might be considered a traditional oeuvre, they explore social constructs, family connections, geopolitics, human relationships and human-made destruction. The obvious brilliance of Tsuno’s carefully layered foliage and Rose’s pristine tree portraiture belie the deep need for tenuous ties we have with our natural surroundings. Alongside beauty is anxiety. Specific to Los Angeles yet easily extrapolated to universal proportions, we find ourselves in trouble. What our community is today, down to individual neighborhoods, individual trees, even may be fleeting, soon to be reconfigured, washed over, burned to oblivion, decimated. Honor the roots from which our lives spring. Celebrate. And be Warned.


(Left) Devon Tsuno (Detail) sixteen cents each and a landscape of plunder #2 (red camellias), 2022, Spray paint, and acrylic on canvas, 56 x 48 inches, Courtesy of the artist and Residency Art Gallery

(Right) Greg Rose Dead Tree (34˚16.911’N 117˚37.013’W), 2022



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