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Glory. Crumbling foundations. Fortitude. Resilience.

L Siswanto
hot gurl sh*t
pencil on paper
24” x 18”

This title is sort of ironic and contrarian because you don't have to be a girl to be a hot gurl. I am not a girl but being a hot gurl is an attitude and also maybe platforms to step on people with if you can afford it. This is about being a hot gurl by doing what you want.

Rachel Barrido
Light My Shattered Path
charcoal on canson mi-teintes paper
17” x 11”

My childhood and young adult years I have been a victim of physical and emotional abuse. It took a lot of courage to heal and grow from the trauma. The candle represents my spirit still burning bright even through the violence and chaos I have endured, as I step forward as a survivor.

Hana Baig
845 x 543 px

Growing up I've always found comfort in media like music, comic books, and video games. Even now, those things hold a very special place in my heart. I wanted to showcase these very special things to me in the way I know best, through art. Hopefully this gives people a chance to get to know me on the inside and out.

Angela Valdez
New Beginnings
pencil with prismacolor
24” x 18”

This project represents one of my happiest and favorite memories which was graduating high school back in 2021. This day was extremely important as it marked the start of new beginnings as an adult and being open to new experiences and possibilities after high school. I had spent the morning at my graduation ceremony and gave a 10-minute speech as I was the class valedictorian. I then spent the rest of the day at the beach with my family and dog Estella. The paw prints are a memorial/symbol of Estella as she passed away and I wanted to remember her through this because we shared such a happy day together.

Angela Valdez
Billard's Mirror
pencil with prismacolor
24” x 18”

This was the first time I had been snuck into a bar and parlor because one of my friends wanted me to go see him and his band play for the first time. His type of music, which was hardcore metal, was something I wasn't into at the time but after seeing all of the bands and his band play while witnessing the pure chaos the people in the most pit were creating, I fell in love with the hardcore scene. I remember trying to get a breather from all the chaos and people by going into the bathroom, I stumbled about a mirror fully covered in stickers from top to bottom, side to side with spray paint all over it. Honestly seeing that mirror fully capture what was going on the other side of the door, pure chaos with multiple colors yet looked so unique and entertaining, to the point where I continue to go to these shows and continue to witness this chaos.

Rachel Barrido
Memory Lane
colored pencil and graphite on paper
18” x 24”

This assignment is a representation of the memory of me traveling from South Florida to Los Angeles. In Florida I was unhappy, felt emotionally drained, and stuck in my unfulfilling career. I decided to take a leap of faith, what felt like an internal guidance from my guardian angel. I followed that to California across the country taking just my car and one luggage. I started over and met my wonderful fiancé. Now that I am settled I am working towards an art degree and career change.

Tabitha Palmer
Bad Luck
pencil on paper
24” x 18”

This work resembles my unlucky life. I’ve always been superstitious and worried about getting bad luck. I’d refrain from walking under ladders and opening umbrellas under the roof. But no matter how much I avoid these superstitions, I’ve always had bad luck. Whether it was causing accidents, making the wrong decisions, causing people to leave, hurting people's feelings. For the longest time I let my fear of the unknown control me. That’s what this drawing depicts; all the bad luck creeping back into my life to cause a downfall.

Bita Zibaeimoghadam
colored pencil
18” x 14”

This was my final project, in this drawing, I showed how to revive things that are useless and lifeless and show how they become beautiful together.

Hazel Gonzales
Be Marlboro
digital illustration
17” x 11”

In my family, we suffer through generational smoking and it's taken on different forms such as tobacco chewing, smoking cigars and cigarettes, and even vaping. This is my recreation of vintage Marlboro ads that used to entice young people into smoking because it was "what everyone did". There are not many current Marlboro ads that hit the spot quite right compared to the old Marlboro ads, but the one I created reaches younger audiences that are getting peer pressured to smoke during parties, also known as the phrase "social smoking".

Cesar Guandique
Living on the Edge
pencil on drawing paper
14” x 19”

The boundaries of fun and danger.