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abstracted reseda
colored pencil on paper
18” x 24”

This was an assignment that became much more than that. I found myself getting lost in the medium and the abstraction. This is from a photo I took of a place I used to got to when I was younger to watch construction and survey the valley in which I grew up. This project gave me a new perspective on the valley, colored pencil and abstraction as an art form. I enjoyed doing this, I hope that you enjoy it too.

Gemma Padilla
colored pencil on paper
18” x 24”

I recently went to a park with a friend that I have not seen in a while and he was telling me stories of the times ducks have chased him which I found really funny. My brother also really liked ducks and we have been going to this park since we were kids and have good memories at this park and with the ducks. It was interesting to find a way to incorporate variation to this drawing but the part that I am most proud of is my duck.

Jocelyn Strauss
Connections to Nature
oil on panel
10” x 18”

This piece is a diptych, meaning that it consists of two separate paintings that are placed together that have a connection. One of the images is near while the other one is far; I took both of these images myself. I love nature and the inspiration they provide to artists.

Nataly Sofia Gavarrete Pacheco
untitled (Cat)
8” x 8” x 6.5”

This bowl with a cute cat and string design is all about appreciating the little, everyday things. It's like a fun reminder to enjoy simple stuff and find art in our daily lives.

Afshan A
digital art
11” x 17”

A collection for happiness.

Maria Serrano
Still Life
20” x 15”

Having a passion for art all my life, I truly felt a connection with the piece I was drawing using charcoal. The ease and simplicity of the charcoal to produce profound effects on my piece felt nothing less than empowering to me. I understand the importance of proper composition and perspective, in order to produce good shading with still life drawings.

Shamila Zahidi
oil on panel
30” x 24”

This image is a reflection of my family in the form of a landscape. I’ve used the tree as a symbol for the family tree and included my children in the image. Trees provide shelter from wind/rain while their fruit nourishes us. I used the tree to talk about my thoughts on family while including my family in the painting.

Angela Valdez
Enchantment Table
27” x 17” x 17”

This was my first time ever working with wood and creating a table, at first, I was very nervous to tackle this project and work with power tools like saws and a electric sander but the more I used them and was aided by my professor, my confidence to use them grew. I spent 2 weeks going back and forth between ideas until I came up with the idea to create an Enchantment Table from my favorite video game 'Minecraft' and began to plan out my table. Little by little more of my table came together, I didn't go to sleep until 5 am the day it was due as I was painting the top part of my table and spray painting the bottom and it was so worth losing sleep over. I'll honestly never forget the first time I saw my table stand all put together and thought "Wow I actually did this." This was the project that made me want to change my major in graphic design and switch over to studio art because I realized I loved creating physical art and wanted to learn new mediums and techniques.

Sasha Leslie
Homage to the LA Metro
colored pencil on paper
18” x 24”

As someone who's heavily relied on the bus since high school, I view it as a sort of melting pot, and grew to love it so much that I pretty much put off getting my drivers license just to continue taking the bus. Public transit connects us all, and creates a community of people; maybe the people you take on your morning ride won't be there the next day, or the bus driver knows you by name. What seems like a simple bus ride is actually a community for millions, something that connects us to the beloved spots of our city. This piece, Homage to the LA Metro, is inspired by the seats we all know and love; those seats carry so many stories and have seen so many places. The bright, bold colors and eccentric shapes are a combination of all the bus seats I've seen in my time taking the bus, almost like they're celebrating their own existence.

Shamila Zahidi
oil on panel
24” x 18”

This painting is a self-portrait using objects that are valuable to me. Instead of painting myself I constructed a pattern with objects that are significant in my life and have meaning to me. I am fond of plants and I picked this plant because I enjoy the form of its leaves and the way it takes up space in the room. The silver box is special because it was a gift and I feel like it’s a good contrast to the organic plant. The necklace is something I bought specially for myself. I like the variation in the beads’ sizes. I decided to group the box and the necklace together to give a sense of movement and depth to them that show that these are precious items. I also used my painting skills to represent the box fairly realistically which shows how valued it is.

Susana Ravelo
oil based clay
5” x 2” x 2”

Before starting any artwork, I look at my surroundings for inspiration, especially nature. I looked out my window and saw how two leaves together formed a curvilinear shape. I began to shape the front plane of the sculpture in a similar way. The other three planes began taking shape as I tried to make them of interest following the principle of economy and emphasis.

Darlene Miller
Liquid Squid
24” x 35”

l closed my eyes and imagined how wonderful the oceans on earth would be if they were they clean and full of sea life…