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The micro and minutiae. Lenses through which we view our experiences and surroundings.

Gemma Padilla
colored pencil on paper
24” x 18”

My brother loves classic cars and going to car shows on the weekends. At one of those events, I happened to see this dice. This has been the first drawing that I have done in full color and in color pencil which allowed me to see more tiny details and colors in the whole image. This was a really interesting and tiring process but I am so proud of the results.

Anna Mercer
A Corner on (Redacted) Street
graphite on paper
18” x 24"

This drawing is a domestic smorgasbord. The prompt was to create a very dense image of a place using a combination of gesture drawing, refined line drawing, and shaded images. I chose some of my favorite things from my front yard and let the objects dictate the forms they took, such as the sweeping lines of an iris or the curves and chrome of a Mustang. The large pattern you see across the drawing is my house's screen door, as if you are looking out at the yard from inside the house. Studying the yard was cathartic, and I feel that much more connected now to my home than I did before.

Treasa Sim
precious items
oil on panel
15” x 24”

This piece is filled with gifts received by people I cherished. Using a ring, a red bracelet, and a piece of crystal from a necklace as a way to signify a self-portrait. The people who gave me these have impacted the person I am today; so, I decided to paint these as I always wore them daily. To capture more of the self in the portrait, I created this flowy pattern, in meaning of me having an easygoing manner (sometimes). And I decided to use the color blue to represent the feeling of calm; along with this aura-like background to represent the environment/atmosphere of what is surrounding me.

Sara Jivraj
graphite on paper
18” x 24”

I have always been interested in the human and skeletal form and had enjoyed drawing its extensive intricacies. With a long history of family rooted in the medical field, I feel that this is the closest I could get to relating to their work with my more creative, artistic oriented outlook. From practicing various test drawings and positioning of the objects in endless ways to create this piece, I decided to portray the metallic skeletal hand at the forefront of the piece and detail it in a much darker value to really emphasize its complex form as well as my immense interest and strong connection toward this subject.

Angelique Juárez
colored pencils
11.5” x 11”

The structure of my house is old and was modeled in the 70’s. Despite this door knob in my house, being just a regular knob, I find the browns, gold, and diamond shape to be appealing . It was just a few years ago that my family and I moved into a new neighborhood. I had to navigate myself, make new friends, and start high school. During these few years, I’ve come to a point where home feels like home. The warm colors foreshadow the warmth I feel at home.

Nyah N Tibbs
colored pencil on paper
11.5” x 9”

I have always been quite shy, I have spent a lot of time looking down just to avoid making eye contact. I have come to find comfort in observing cracks, stains, and textures that are found in the concrete. This piece highlights what may be mundane to one but comforting to another.

Ruby Garcia
03 micron on paper
12” x 9”

The artwork shows a singular orange done with the technique of stippling. The orange is created with tiny dots spaced apart in various sizes in an attempt to showcase the orange's texture.

Jeanie Lee
.75” x 9.65” x 9.65”

This plate depicts a Capricorn also known as a sea goat. It is the 10th astrological sign in the zodiac. Coincidentally, it is my sign as well as the sign of my professor, a major source of my ceramic inspiration.

colored pencil on paper
18” x 24”

This assignment had us see an everyday object not just for its function but for the art and artistry that it took to create it. There is art in everything we interact with, whether we choose to see it that way or not.

Isabela Angela Garcia
charcoal on toned paper
18” x 24”

This drawing is an abstract drawing of a subject from life. The viewer is not initially meant to be able to tell what it is, instead focusing on the shapes that make up the larger form. In this piece I wanted to bring into focus the intricacies of the natural world that are often overlooked and chose to render a closeup of a pumpkin stem capturing the unique shapes that form naturally all around us.

Vesper Kay
My Mother’s Spoon
wood carving
12” x 2” x 2”

My mother likes cooking and she owns a lot of cooking utensils. She has a friend that carves a lot of wooden products for her, and some of these products she got from this friend were wooden spoons. I dedicated this project to her by carving a spoon that I thought she would like and something she would love to add to her collection of wooden spoons. My hands hurt a lot while carving this spoon as it was a very long and tedious process. But I tried to carve as much love into the spoon as I could. She does so much for me and I wanted to show her how much I care for her by dedicating and gifting this sculpture to her.

Jocelyn Strauss
Unfinished Guacamole
oil on canvas
10” x 10”

This work is an alla prima painting, meaning that it is done in one sitting based on a live scene. I cut the avocado and lemon and arranged the composition and painted based on that, instead of a photo.

Saffron Marcus
charcoal on toned paper
15” x 11”

This work is representative of abstract realism, but those who are closest to me can identify what the subject really is after one glance. This up-close-and-personal drawing is of the thing that holds the most importance to me, my pet chameleon Fern. Even after less than 2 years of having him, Fern has taught me so much about the incredible beauties found in the nature of this Earth, and just how much variety there really is between all the creatures who roam it. His pattern and scales are something I have been captivated by since the first day I brought him home, and I created this piece in hopes to share his exceptional unique features with the world.