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Transient experiences, distilled memories, serendipity.

Isabela Angela Garcia
colored pencil on paper
24” x 18”

After each birthday in my family, we toss the old used candles in a plastic bag. Something usually so mundane to me, it caught my attention after I put away the candles from my 17th birthday. This bag represents the passing of time and growth of my family as we continue to reuse old numbers for a range of ages. This drawing is a snapshot in time representing the stages of life my family has gone through shown in many colorful candles that have been tossed aside.

Angelique Juarez
Congrats Grad!
colored pencil and pencil on paper
11” x 11.5”

This project is based off of memory with a realistic relic, and gesture drawings in the background. I wanted to create a nostalgic feel when creating this piece. I remember my parents would buy my siblings and I, these graduation dogs. My dog would have messages from family members, and one of my favorites would be my grandpa’s signature cat. When I think of my childhood, elementary was so carefree . The most stress I had ever dealt with was math, which I find to be humorous.

Jafarinejad Pooneh
10” x 10”

I was very excited about the technique I have learned from my professor, the way I can use the texture to express my memories of happening in the streets of my homeland.

Afshan A
Bang Bang
digital art
17” x 11”

This poster was designed with Photoshop and Illustrator software based on the song Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra.

Natalie Kadee Guevara
Abstract Realism
graphite on white drawing paper
18” x 24”

This drawing is my take on finding an abstract moment within realism. After looking intensively at an object you begin to notice the small details on the outer surface so much that you lose sight of what it really is. With this piece the goal in mind was to capture that exact moment, with much detail to a point where it’ll leave multiple interpretations of it.

Afshan A
cardboard on toned paper
18” x 24”

Repetition of the simplest things also creates beauty.

Rebecca Sculler
oil on canvas
30” x 24”

Last spring, my main goal was to develop a sense of unique visual language. I have used this particular kind of one-line doodle for years with pen and paper and wanted to explore how that worked in a slower-paced medium like oil paints. I played with layering the work to add depth. I was also working to limit my color palette, as my first instinct is a full rainbow, this work required restraint.

Gemma Padilla
colored pencil on paper
18 x 24”

This is a combination of concerts that I went to last year. I got the main colors of the event and created something abstract to express how the concerts were for me. I have not worked much with abstract, so this was something new but also nice being able to break off a bit from realism and representational art.

Cesar Guandique
pencil, charcoal
15” x 12”

A place of peace for complicated situations.

Cameron Smith
Brush Your Teeth
graphite pencil on paper
14.75” x 11.25”

The prompt for this project was "narrative." I set up a tripod one night and snapped a picture the next morning when I first got up and started brushing my teeth. I wanted to experiment with drawing hair and pushing the contrast in this drawing.

Nataly Sofia Gavarrete Pacheco
untitled (Egg)
ceramic tile
5” x 5” x .25”

This ceramic tile highlights a realistic fried egg. It serves as a snapshot of cozy mornings when my mom would cook my brother and me breakfast before school. It's a small piece of art with big memories.

Diana Vargas
Blinded Object
charcoal on paper
18” x 24”

The meaning behind this piece is me portraying a perfect family and life. The dark background is the darkness itself. The light gray foreground is my puppy light. The positive space of the shape is the interior within ourselves of being happy where we show to everyone while the darkest areas are the ones we keep ourselves. The shapes are my family but also signs or messages of a warning that pops up. Not being aware of my surrounding and the conflict that is going to occur due to my ignorance.