Laleh Khorramian 



In a vacillating process between digital animation and collages, monotypes and painting, Laleh Khorramian’s work is based on the premise of experimenting with the process of chance as a starting point for discovering possibilities of the unknown, whose details and outcomes she then investigates and repositions. Bizarrely personal and absurd, her works seek to communicate the uncanny as a constructed parallel universe. Khorramian integrates fiction with spectacle and theatre constructions to explore the discarded and chance outcomes as a creative strategy to consider transience of living matter and beings and its cycles of depletion and plenitude. 


Laleh Khorramian was born in Tehran, Iran and currently lives and works in upstate New York. She studied art in the U.S. at the Rhode Island School of Design, earning her BFA at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and her MFA from Columbia University in New York.




Photo from UNEARTHED series 2017-2019 

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